The Best of Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

Today, the way market thrives is not at all in a traditional. With the arrival of the second decade of this millennium, the markets have expanded globally through the medium of online marketing. Everything any anything, product or service, is present online, and that is what is making businesses a better success than ever before. And so, the buzzword of the year 2017 is certainly Digital Marketing. Australian businesses, like millions of businesses worldwide are making, and must make the best of this opportunity that has befallen onto us like a boon. If you have, till date, been oblivious of them, it’s about time you enlightened yourself with the latest online humdrum. Even if you have been aware of what’s happening around, here is what you must know in 2017:

  • Social Media Marketing is Everything

Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and more are no more about just friends and photos. It is most certainly the best way to take your business ahead like so many other Australian enterprises.

Not that it’s the first time that Australian businesses are using social media marketing, but what has been done already was pretty generic in nature. People don’t want brand blasts; they want personalised content – blogs, ads, offers, discounts; things that interest them. Driving your social media marketing campaign more frequently but also in a more customised way than before is what 2017 calls for. It is one wise but easy way of content marketing.

  • Data Will Drive You Now On

You read that right! Even if you have been prospering so far on the Australian soil, it is time that you shift your focus from the traditional marketing techniques like advertising, banners and discount offers, to what drives you more than ever – data. Yes, sales are no more fetched by salesmen running around all muddled up for meeting your sales targets. The time is to hire executives that believe in the power of the data, and know how to interact with it. Data scientists and marketing technologists are two people you should be hiring this year, because it is content that will lead you by the hand, to attract business, make conversions and close sales. While you promote your business with inbound marketing (including content as well as SEO), it is these data ninjas that will give you the strategies in the first place, and then analyse and use the data to your advantage. And, don’t be surprised when you learn that your competitors might already be into this; big-time.

Now that we are well into knowing that such intelligent marketing is actually working for millions of businesses in Australia already, it makes all the sense to suggest that investing a considerable chunk of marketing budget in digital marketers is not a folly any more. What these agencies can do for you is actually worth much more than what you invest in them. So, no matter how the old wives’ tales go, the better way to marketing is right here, and not in simply buying advert space on billboards as you used to.

Needless to say, these top 3 trends of 2017 are going to transform the way Australia has been doing business till date.

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