The 4 Different Kinds of Indian Traveler

India is a huge country, the 17th largest country in fact, and it has so much to offer. It is full of a number of culture-rich towns and cities, mind-blowing historical artifacts, a variation of beautiful scenery and a fantastic range of weird and wonderful flora and fauna. The growth in outbound travel is directly linked to the economic growth of a country and with a population size of over 1 billion people, it is clear to see why outbound travel can bring in so much money. Indians are known for their creativity and this has fueled a massive amount of growth over recent years. Now, more Indians than ever are going abroad. Today, we will be taking a look at the four key groups of Indian travelers and providing some tips for the Indian travel market.

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Group Travelers

Most of the time, group travelers will be exploring for the first time. Their whole vacation program has normally been perfectly planned out and booked well ahead of time. For operators who want to capture this market, it is not always isn’t easy because usually they only have 2-3 hours of free time in each destination.

Frequent Individual Travelers

These travelers are experienced and prefer to make their own itineraries. They aren’t shy when it comes to research and like to learn about the destination they’re traveling. When it comes to booking, they normally do this with an offline travel agent. This behavior seems to be pretty set in stone, so operators who plan to reach out to these clients will need to work alongside local travel agents. Mumbai is considered to be India’s commercial hub but is also full of attractions. Due to it being so large and easily accessible, when it comes to international travel and tourism exhibitions, it is always worth exploring travel events in Mumbai, where you can network with other travel professionals and learn more about the latest travel trends.

Business Travelers

Multinational companies found in India work hard to achieve ultimate employee satisfaction. This is to reduce the risk of job switching and trips abroad are a great way to do this. Companies will plan trips abroad in and out of peak seasons and it’s usually essential that they stick to a budget, so will work with a trusted travel agent to do so.

Those Who Visit Loved Ones

Travelers who are going abroad to visit friends and family are known to have the lowest travel budget on the market, yet they spend the longest amount of time abroad (around 3-4 weeks). They normally travel to the UK, Australia, and North America to see their loved ones.

Indian visitors go abroad to learn about a different culture and to spend quality time with distant relatives. The younger travelers are the ones who want to explore and have active excursions, while the older ones prefer a relaxed vacation. Indian travelers also like to shop and make the most of the access to goods they wouldn’t be able to get at home. Due to the massive number of international departures, the Indian travel market is a crucial segment for destination and experience providers to consider.

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