Speeding Up Videos Getting Easier With Movavi Video Editor

Do you need to speed up certain clips in your video? It could be to create a cool comic effect. It could also be to pace up a scene too long. Are you worried about your limited editing skills? Well, no worries- today you don’t need to take a high tech editing course to induce such state of the art effects in your home videos or amateur movies. Movavi Video Editor comes to your rescue here with a cutting edge video editing software program that will enable you to speed up video (https://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-speed-up-video.html) just like a pro with your basic computing know-how. Now,  isn’t that awesome? You bet.

The post below offers a brief on how easily you can speed up your video with the help of the Movavi program.

Install the Movavi Video Editor

Your first task is to download and install Movavi Video Editor to your computer. You will get complete installation instructions for your convenience.

Add the video

The next step is to add the chosen video to the Movavi Video Editor program window. First, you will select Create project in full feature mode. then, click on Add Media Files tab & choose your video file that have to be sped up.

Speed up the video

Now, we have reached the most important stage of our video speeding process. Just click on the tab that says Clip Properties. Then, move Speed slider to right.

Adjust soundtrack

If the video part meant for sped up contains audio track, the sound speed will also change the moment you pace up the video part. But do you want to maintain the previous sound speed despite the changes in the video? In that case, first you will mute original audio from Mute Track while you are about to speed up your video.

Then, upload the video to the Movavi program once again. Click on audio & pull it to Audio Track section and place it below the previous video clip. Now delete the video you uploaded for the second time.

Export & save your video

Do you want to export the video in any format other than the original one? Well, then, just click on Export tab & select your desired format by either clicking on Save Video File or on Save For Devices. Then, click on Start to begin the conversion process.

Features of Movavi Video Editor

Performs all basic editing functions

Movavi Video Editor performs all basic editing functions like cropping video, adding clips, rotating clips and so on. It will also allow you to add images or audio to your existing video.

Adds special effect, transitions, filters & titles

One of the most important aspects of Movavi Video Editor is surely it’s huge collection of special effects. The state of the art program also allows you to add many stylish transitions, titles and filters.

Conversion with quality loss

Movavi Video Editor is able to convert your video in any popular format without any loss of quality.

Useful tips for users:

To set the most appropriate or desired speed-up rate, work manually with the Speed slider.

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