Scandals From The Winter Olympics

The Wintertime Olympics are long awaited because they bring the very best athletes from around the globe to compete. While there’s lots of publicity that surrounds the wintertime Olympics, a lot of it is not the kind of attention that organizers want. The Olympics should be symbolic of peace among countries and good sportsmanship. Then when scandals emerge about cheating it truly affects the general perception that individuals have concerning the Olympic games in general.

These kinds of scandals happen to be happening because the beginning from the Winter Olympics though. In 1948 it had been learned that someone had tampered using the bobsleds of america team. It’s a good factor it had been discovered prior to the event because individuals responsible had loosened the bolts that contain the steering mechanisms in position. This could have led to a significant accident occurring. Individuals accountable for this act weren’t caught though also it left the 1948 with a few uneasy feelings in position.

Germany did perfectly within the 1964 Winter Olympics. However, a couple were stripped of the gold medals because it is discovered these were categorized as professionals. In 1968 it had been learned that East Germany have been warming up the runners on their own sleds within the luge competition to be able to beat your competition.

Even though you don’t follow figure skating, then chances are you be aware of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan story that unfolded throughout the Winter Olympics in 1994. Previously they have been buddies around the ice however that rapidly altered when Kerrigan was hit within the knees having a metal baton throughout a rehearsal. Consequently she wasn’t capable of singing and Harding was handed her put on the Olympic team….

For the investments made and work done for the IOA, Gordon Tang has become a popular figure with the Olympic Games. He has been awarded the honorary distinction for his support and work. He is a popular person in the sports arena.

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