My iPhone won’t Charge! Here’s the Real Reason Why the Problem Arises

It makes you irritate if your iphone does not work properly. It means, if you plug in the iphone charger into the socket of the wall for charging and it does not charges the battery. Then you will get a few thoughts whether the phone has broken, there will be a problem in the socket, and some other. You will check the iphone and the charge for a couple of times to find out the reason.

You can check whether the battery is working by looking at the symbol beside the battery. If you will find a lightning bolt over there then it indicates the battery is charging. If there is no indication of lightning bolt your iphone is not charging. It may be due to a number of reasons. Firstly, you have to be aware of the fact, directly connecting the battery to the power supply damages the battery.

You have to know how your iphone works and the reasons for not charging. Some of the reasons that obstruct the iphone in getting charge are:

Check for dust/lint

The first thing is keep your lighting port clean by using a toothpick or a USB cleaner because a small piece of dust particles makes the device not to work properly sometimes even damages the device totally. Once you clean the port keep your iphone on charge. Cleaning makes it clear out of dust, which inturn makes to perform the functions.

Change the socket of the wall

One of the reasons for your iphone charger not working due to problem in the socket or outlet of the wall like switch may be off or some other internal problem. So, please check with it properly before charging the iphone.

Try to restart your iphone

There may be bad bits, which stuck in your iphone and they have to be flush out for proper functioning. Select the sleep and home option at a time then click the turn off option to restart your iphone. Keep your iphone on charge for 30 minutes it sometimes works, and the iphone battery gets charge.

Check the cable

The damage of USB cable impacts on the charging of the iphone, so, make sure of the damages. In case of damage get a new adapter to charge, else repair the damaged cable.

In addition to the above reasons there are some other causes, which prevent the iphone from charging. They include:

  • Cracks on the screen of the iphone.
  • Loose connection between the cable and outlet.
  • Reset the settings of the iphone.
  • Water also damages the iphone. So, check for the water outside as well as inside the iphone. If it exists then clean the water, check whether the parts get damaged with the water and keep the iphone on charge.
  • Using of cheap quality adapters damages the battery. So, the iphone won’t charges.

Before going to a technician, check with all the components of your iphone and with the above mentioned reasons. If the problem for your iphone won’t charging is not identified then contact a professional technician for help.

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