Improve the Efficiency of Your Team’s Manufacturing Lines

Overall Equipment Effectiveness systems are used to measure the effectiveness of manufacturing operations within a team. Naturally, it’s an important tool for manufacturing companies of all sizes and in all areas of production. These systems are widely used for their proven ability to help manufacturing teams improve their tools, productivity, and capabilities.

Uses of OEE Software

Software specifically designed for the measuring of OEE is used in manufacturing facilities across the globe to assist in team management and major decision making. It provides valuable information on several crucial factors of production:

  • Quality of production
  • Performance
  • Energy monitoring
  • Cause analysis
  • Possible improvements

Having access to this kind of information gives manufacturers an edge and assists greatly in implementing changes and improvements within their teams, helping them reach their full potential alone as a company.

Specialists in manufacturing and can use this knowledge of their production efficiency in planning, adjusting, and justifying production costs.

Capturing and Analysing Data

To understand the current productivity and abilities of a production line, the software used needs to learn and understand how these lines are currently running. With the use of OEE systems, manufacturing teams can easily capture and track data for several different means of production:

  • Shop-floor
  • Manual line
  • Automatic line

A good software will not only capture data successfully from these manufacturing lines, but will also analyse the information which has been taken from them and provide results from which risks can be assessed and quality of production can be improved. Managers and team leaders can easily view the data provided to them through these systems and learn how to best enhance the capabilities of their teams.

Suggestions and improvement plans can be provided to keep an excellent standard of equipment and products. Along with this, data reports can be used to improve the working dynamic of employees and encourage their engagement in the workplace.

Monitoring Data

Constant monitoring is another great benefit of using Overall Equipment Effectiveness systems software. With the ability to constantly track the efficiency of production within a manufacturing company, teams can further improve their business. It can also play a huge role in preventive and opportunistic decisions.

The data available through OEE monitoring is invaluable to any manufacturing team, and the correct implementation of changes based on this information will drastically change the quality and efficiency of your business:

  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Identify a highly accurate Overall Labour Effectiveness (OLE) score
  • Minimise waste and provide quality assurance to clients
  • Identify shifts in trends

Keeping Track of Your Team

One of the most valued tools among managers and supervisors of manufacturing companies is the ability to keep track of your workers. Choose a software which can generate accurate reports, either daily or weekly, on the progress made by your team.

Regular OEE reports are proven to help with the improvement of employee productivity, motivation, and engagement in the workplace. They also assist greatly in informed decision making within teams, accelerating response times to issues within the production line, and improving the overall performance and quality of production.

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