Hiring a Probate Solicitor to Help You Through Complex Legal Processes

When you are dealing with the emotional weight of the loss of a loved one, sorting out their assets with family members can be extremely difficult. A probate solicitor is quite useful in helping family members settle debts and distribute the assets of the deceased. While some families can get by without hiring a solicitor, there are other times when it’s not so easy.

People will generally avoid probate whenever possible, but when this isn’t an option, it’s often wise to hire a lawyer to help you get through complex legal issues as quickly as possible.

Whether There Is a Will or Not

Not everybody leaves a will, and to make things more difficult, not all wills are entirely valid. If there is an existing valid will, that doesn’t always mean that it won’t be necessary to hire a solicitor. Solicitors can advise the involved parties on various legal matters to make the probate process much smoother. They can help you manage life insurance, appraise properties, secure all assets, and advise you on how to repay debts, among other things.

When there is no valid will, a probate solicitor in London can still be of assistance. Due to the complexities of the law, there are many mistakes that can potentially be made. It’s important that you can properly identify estate administrators and beneficiaries, among other details, and your solicitor will make sure that things get done properly.

When There Is a Dispute

Unfortunately, wills can create tension between family members who feel dissatisfied with the estate plan. Whenever there is a dispute, you will have to probate a will. Having a solicitor alongside you can prevent family members from being taken advantage of or unfairly treated by an upset party. Whenever you find yourself in probate court, having a solicitor on your side is extremely valuable.

They can help guide you through complicated processes, minimising costs and losses wherever possible, and since there are often strict time limits involved, it’s important to do things right the first time around.

When to Consider Probate Solicitors

In general, you might want to contact a solicitor whenever you are confused, suspicious, or dissatisfied, but there are plenty of specific circumstances that warrant using a solicitor as well. Some of these include the following:

  • When the estate exceeds Inheritance Tax threshold
  • When the estate is particularly complicated
  • When there are doubts regarding the validity of the will
  • When dependents have been left out of a will deliberately
  • When the estate is bankrupt
  • When there is foreign property involved

Of course, everybody’s needs will be different, and there may be details about your case that are entirely unique, in which case a solicitor will still be able to help. Whether there are inconsistencies or general doubts, you can hire a probate solicitor to help you sort out even the most complex estates.

What’s important is that you find a reputable service provider who can be trusted to offer a reliable service that is both affordable and efficient.

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