Highlights of 2016 BITSAT Examination

BITSAT is the right examination for aspiring engineers. Generally 12th passed candidates go for JEE Mains for their selection into a top reputed engineering college which can shape their future and mould them into an engineer. Top reputed organisation is everyone’s top priority because it will affect the packages they will get after they graduate. But not all the institution in which you get admission through JEE Mains fails to provide the quality of education, facilities and packages which BITSPilani offers.

Birla Institute of Technology and Science abbreviated to BITS or BITSPilani is a private organisation which conduct its own entrance exam i.e. BITSAT (Birla Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Exam). It is one of the topmost reputed private organisation of India establishing future engineers and also giving them opportunity of getting a good package.

BITSAT hits the examination hall on 14th May 2016 and then continued till 28th May permitting admission in various UG courses it offers. The main requirement for appearing on this examination was a minimum aggregate of 75% in physics, chemistry and mathematics/ biology/ biotechnology together and an individual percentage of 60% in each physics, chemistry and mathematics/ biology/ biotechnology C.B.S.E. Board Examination or any equivalent examination.


The exam paper of bitsat 2016 review contained an overall of 150 question which every right answer 3 marks is provided and for every wrong attempted question 1 marks is deducted from the overall score of the candidates. The BITSAT exam was divided into 4 section:

  • Physics with 40 questions.
  • Chemistry with 40 questions.
  • Mathematics with 45 questions.
  • English proficiency and logical reasoning with 15 questions and 10 questions respectively.

If anyone who was able to attempt all the 150 question within the limited time of 3 hours allotted to them were allowed to attempt additional 12 question from physics, chemistry and mathematics, 4 from each subject.

Reviews and Difficulty level of BITSAT exam:

According to the candidates who have appeared for BITSAT exam 2016 on 14th May, mathematics was the toughest part form all the other sections and chemistry was the easiest among all of them. Rest remaining physics, logical reasoning and English proficiency were of moderate level. Overall the difficulty level of BITSAT exam was modest but was definitely easier than JEE Mains exam of 2016, according to candidates who have appeared for both.

Mathematics Section- the toughest among all the sections

The candidates found the questions in the mathematics tricky and very lengthy which consumed a lot of time and for a competitive exam you have to keep track of the time otherwise it will affect your rank. The question of this section was almost from every part- from calculus to trigonometry.

Physics- moderate

In this section the question were mainly from light, sound and energy section which all the candidates were able to complete in the right time. Also, the questions of physics were not very tricky and were not very difficult.

Logical reasoning and English Proficiency- moderate

This section was also moderate with moderate to easy level of difficulty of question. The English proficiency section had questions on synonyms and vocabulary which were not very easy but also not very difficult.

Chemistry- the easiest among all the sections

It was the easiest section among all the sections and contained very easy, straight and less time consuming questions. Most of the questions were from Organic Chemistry which were very straight, so the candidate could attempt them in very less time. Most candidates were comfortable in attempting Chemistry questions and also this helped in enhancing their rank in BITSAT.

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