Top 5 Foolproof Tips for Hiring The Best Video Production Company

Planning a brand awareness campaign for your company, an annual office event, or a graduation celebration for your child? Do you wish to capture all the motion, the emotions, and beauty of the day? Find a professional video production company. Online searches reveal a long list of possible video production companies in and around Seattle. How do choose one company over the other? Read the simple videography company hiring tips here:

  1. Set your ground rules

Why the video shoot? How will this Seattle video production company help your company attain your goals? Determine if the video shoot will educate your audience and strengthen your brand, train your employees,  or market your company. Use the video production company’s reaction to your goals to gauge their suitability for the task. Your desires and goals must be met by videographer before the shoot.

  1. Don’t be dazzled by the demo reel

All Seattle video production companies have incredible demo reels on their websites. The  reels are a minute-or so long and might have clips from the company’s past projects. Demo reels are marketing and advertising aidds but do not show the finished product for any project.

You need to choose a company that will give videos that are beyond pretty. The video quality and shooting technique need to relay the message you intend for your audience of staff. Dig deeper. Find actual videos created by the videography company then make your decision from there.

  1. Recent portfolio?

Dig through the Seattle video production company’s social media sites. Facebook and vimeo have more projects from companies than individual company websites; it takes longer to load the videos on websites. Recent videos give accurate depictions of the video production work delivered by the company.  The videographer’s talent and equipment is easily gauged from more recent work.

  1. Get several pricing estimates

Get the right price for your project. The bids from Seattle video production companies vary and evaluating the quotes is time consuming but it is a worthwhile sacrifice. Use the pricing and the quality of the production company’s last project to ascertain true value.

Employ an alternative strategy when working with a thin budget. A videographer from newer videography companies or experienced students offering professional video production services go a long way in providing high-quality videos affordably.

Beware of companies overcharging for their work.

  1. Get pricing specifics

You get what you ask and pay for. What is in the video production package? Does the package cover post-production services, edits, travel expenses, or music licensing costs? Last-minute costs blow up budgets and you may end up with a poor quality or no video when you can’t stretch your budget. Get the pricing breakdown from all the video production companies you have interest in.


Envision your end product then determine the right video production company to yield your expected results. Stick to your budget and do not compromise on quality. Set achievable objectives and stick to them till the project’s tail-end. Interview as many companies as you have to.


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