Should Interns Run Social Networking Campaigns?

Incorporating social networking to your marketing efforts is important within this digital world. Although some companies have made the decision to attempt this by themselves, by assigning the job for their marketing department, others have switched as to the they say is probably the most cost-effective solution – getting a summer time intern.

In the outlook during the Gen Y population, a “deep knowledge of social networking” or “experience launching viral digital campaigns” is the things they’re doing every day – updating their Twitter statuses every a few minutes or creating new groups on Facebook.

Source: Business Insider

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Sure, these students may claim they’re “Social Networking Experts” simply because they understand how to upload a YouTube video or consume a Twitter hashtag. But, they might not hold the essential communication skills and strategy experience which are needed to maneuver your social networking efforts forward.

Here we have listed a few of the benefits and drawbacks of getting a college intern or counting on instead of staying with an exterior agency.


If you’re searching to create on talent in the finish from the summer time, a summer time intern is a superb excuse to provide someone an effort run before paying an agreement

Summer time interns can offer valuable insight if you’re launching an offer or perhaps your company target audience may be the 18-24 age bracket

Low quality


University students understand how to talk to their buddies on Twitter, however they frequently your investment purpose of managing this for an organization instead of just for fun.

Students might not be dedicated to your organization exactly as a company is, especially if they’re not receiving compensated or receiving minimal compensation

Agencies have labored with plenty of companies with assorted needs, hence they have acquainted with guidelines and know very well what works more effectively than somebody who has only performed with social networking for private purposes

Summer time interns require a substantial amount of training to teach them in your company’s messages and core values

Interns are wonderful assets for just about any business, but once you have spent numerous hrs, endless effort, and invested valuable sources on building your brand online, it may be dangerous to depart an open media funnel available to somebody that is unfamiliar from the first step toward your organization. Social networking is the company’s face around the world. Make certain you realize this face, and more importantly, the face knows both you and your company.

Looking for a social media agency Singapore? While the estimate is important, you need to check the work of the marketing firm and the range of projects they have completed so far. Don’t shy away from asking references, besides a consulting session.

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